*ALL PUPPIES HAVE BEEN PLACED* *NEXT LITTER PLANS 2019* - Rayne had 7 beautiful puppies! All have perfect ridges, minimal white, no dermoids. 1 has a kinked tail. 4 girls, 3 boys. She did an amazing job & delivered all her babies in 4 hours! So amazing :-)

*At this time (4/13/17), we have more than enough puppy homes. I will update if that changes, thank you*

Thrilled with the breeding of the stunning Rayne to Max! Max is located in the Czech Republic, so this is a long distance love affair! After searching far and wide, I found Max. He is a lovely, balanced, typey Ridgeback. The perfect combo to Rayne, who also is beautiful, balanced and typey. My goal for this breeding is to bring back a sound and in standard Rhodesian Ridgeback.  

Max is a very nice brown nose, which is always great to see. Rayne does not carry the gene to produce any livernose though, so all puppies will be black nose, as that is dominant. Both Max and Rayne have passed all health testing, including the new test called JME( Juvenile myoclonic epilepsy) Rayne is a carrier for DM and EOAD, but Max is CLEAR.  Here is the link to Rayne's results on OFA, except thyroid was done through Dr. Dodds and her brucellosis is negative. Results  and her Pedigree

Rayne is an AKC, UKC and International Champion. She is also pointed in AKC Lure Coursing. Max is a Champion in his country and other countries as well. 

We are so very excited about this overseas breeding! It took A LOT of work and we are very hopeful for an outstanding match of new bloodlines :-)